Makeup School

Many makeup artists already assume that they know everything there is to know about makeup application techniques and makeup products in general. However, this is impossible with the way the makeup industry and trends are constantly changing. This means that no matter how qualified or experienced you may be as a a professional makeup artist, it can be a god idea for you to go to a makeup school. A makeup school will have courses of all different types that are for both beginners and professionals. You do not want to waste any more time. You can enroll in a makeup school easily and begin learning about makeup tips that really work right away.


Here are some of the makeup tips that you can learn in a makeup school:


Concealer is Not a Base for Eyes


You might think that concealer should be used under your foundation as a base to conceal the dark circles under your eyes, but this is not the technique that trained makeup artists should be using. In this type of makeup course you will learn that concealer as a base in the eye area will only lead to creasing. This means that all the fine lines around your eyes will become more noticeable if you apply a concealer in this area.




When applying foundation, it is important that the coverage you achieve will depend on the application technique that you use. Some choose to use fingers for application, but this will give more sheer coverage. If you are looking for a flawless finish that is more polished, it is best to use a makeup foundation brush. This will enable you to create the effect of air brushing and allow the foundation to blend into the skin in the best way possible. When using a brush for foundation application, you also have the ability to get more coverage and cover any blemishes much more effectively.




If you are looking to cut down on the shininess that is present on your face, you need to apply a powder of some type. Since the T zone is the area on the face where most people are shiniest, this is where you should apply the powder. You do not want to apply powder all over your face, but only in the areas where you notice the most shine. Applying too much powder will have the opposite effect.