Makeup London Academy

No matter what your skin tone is or what blemishes you are looking to correct, makeup has the ability to do wonders. It can transform your appearance and accentuate your eyes or any features that are most flattering. If you are looking to learn about the top makeup trends in the industry, it is time that you attend the makeup London Academy. This is where you can learn about the best techniques and makeup tips that really work. No matter if you are looking to learn how to create the perfect brow or want to know how to apply blush in a flattering way, there are many tips that you can pick up on in a course of this type. The choice is yours to take your makeup knowledge to the next level.


Foundation Can Look Natural


Foundation is often the base of your makeup, but it does not have to look cakey or orange. You need to find a foundation that matches your skin tone and can be applied effortlessly. It is best to use a primer before you apply foundation to ensure that all pores are covered and to also make sure that your foundation will last. You can use a beauty blender sponge or a brush to apply the foundation to give it more of an airbrushed look. If you pick the right shade, it should blend out easily and look natural.


Bronzer and Contouring


A bronzer can be applied over top of your foundation to give your face a more contoured look.  The key to bronzing your face in the most flattering way is making sure that you choose a bronzer that is just the right shade. This means that you need a bronzer that is not too light or too dark and fits your skin tone just right to give you a darker glow. A bronzer is not the same thing as blush because blush is applied to only the cheek bones and is more of red, pink and peach tones, while bronzer is in darker shades of brown to give off a tanned glow. If you have really fair skin it can be especially tricky to find a bronzer that will match with your skin tone. It is possible to contour your face using bronzer to make your forehead and nose appear smaller. This means that if you have any flaws, you can make them disappear with the use of makeup.


All this and more can be learnt at a london makeup academy.