Makeup Courses UK

Makeup can be a great beauty tool that you use to cover up blemishes or hide any flaws that you may have, but this is only the case if you are using the right makeup application techniques. If you are using makeup techniques that are not those taught at makeup courses in the UK, you might be making some major makeup mistakes that age you. There are a number of makeup mistakes that you could potentially be making that make you look older. As a professional makeup artist or juts someone that wants to have a flawless makeup look, you need to make sure that you are aware of the top makeup mistakes to avoid.


Here are a few of the most common makeup mistakes that you can learn about in makeup courses in the UK:


Harsh Brows


Perfecting the brow look is something that many people have trouble with no matter how much makeup training and schooling you have completed. As a makeup artist, you need to make sure that you are avoiding the number one brow mistake on your clients. This means that if you are making the brows too dark, you most likely are making your client appear a lot older than they are. The brow makeup that you choose to use on your brows should be about two shades lighter than your natural brow shade. This is the rule that you should follow when you are choosing the right brow pencil or gel to use on your brows. If you go too dark with your color, it results in making you look older. This is not a flattering look at all.


Bare Skin Look


The natural makeup loo is in, but you need to use makeup to give you the most flattering natural look. This means that not wearing foundation when you are applying other makeup is never a good idea.  Wearing foundation is important because it is the base for your entire makeup look. You do not need to use a heavy foundation or cake it all over your face, but it is important to always wear a light foundation that allows for minimal coverage. This will be a great base for your makeup look and it gives you flawless looking skin no matter what. This means that skipping out on foundation during your makeup routine is always a major mistake that you want to avoid. When you enroll in makeup courses in the UK, you will learn about the top foundations that offer a flawless look.