Makeup Artist Course London

As a makeup artist, you need to know about the most current makeup trends. This means that you need to take makeup artist course in London that are designed to teach you about the most current trends in makeup for each season. This is information that you need to be armed with when you are working as a professional makeup artist.

If you are tired of the dark and neutral tones of winter, it is the perfect time to get updated on the latest Spring makeup trends that will allow you to look radiant and flawless for the new season. Spring makeup is all about color and simplicity, now it is time for you to learn about the top makeup tips for springtime that will have you looking your very best that you can learn from a makeup artist course in London.

Makeup Artist Trends

Shimmery Eyes

One of the most popular makeup trends this Spring involves eyes that shimmer. This means that all the boring eye shadows from fall and winter can be tossed. You can really make your eyes stand out by using even a small amount of colored eyeliner or eye shadow. The most popular colors for spring are turquoise and lavender. These shades will really make your eyes stand out. If you can get eye shadows and liners that also have some shimmer along with the color, this will create the best eye look. You will be able to create a really great smoky eye for spring using colored shimmery eye shadows in turquoise and lavender.

Light on the Brows

It seems like your brows are always the final touch for your makeup look, but this spring less will actually be more when it comes to your brows. If you want to have the most appealing springtime makeup look, you do not want to overdo it on your brows. This means that you should just lightly fill them in and use a light brow gel to give them a more feathered look that is natural. Having flawless brows for spring is all about having brows that look most natural.

Coral Blush

If there is one makeup item that you have to have this spring, it is coral blush. Blush will give you a natural goal that warms up your face and helps to shape your cheekbones in the most appealing way. The trendiest blush shade this spring is actually coral. Coral is the perfect blush shade for all skin tones and is not too light or too dark. It will apply flawlessly for an amazing look.